Building Your Personal Brand – Now More Important?

There has been alot of hype in the last year about building your personal brand - but is this something new?

I have been a big proponent of your personal brand for the last 10 years – although I never referred to is as a personal brand (and neither did anyone else if I remember correctly).  Back then I referred to it as building and maintaining your reputation and staying consistant with your morals, ethics and values.  As I spoke to people that were working for others and complaining about the actions of their bosses, my statement was that the moment that your personal reputation was put at risk it was time to look for another job.  Looking back on this now, this was really about maintaining your personal brand.

In the world that we live in today people rarely stay with the same company for their entire career.  No longer is it good enough to focus on building the reputation of the company that you are working for – you need to focus on your reputation and brand.  No longer can you expect that your boss will “take care of you”, you must take care of yourself.

With social media and blogs (just like this one) everyone, yes EVERYONE, has the ability to build their own brand and it is easy – it just takes a little of your time.  So how do you build your personal brand?  Well for each person that is different, but there are many websites and books that will help you with that – one of my personal favorites is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It!

Happy Birthday Facebook!

I just read an article that today Facebook was turning 7 – it is simply amazing to me that a company that started in a dorm room (yes a Harvard dorm room!!) stumbled through a bunch of crazy shit and is not only still around seven years later, but the are worth over $70 billion!


To quote one of my favorite movies, Barbarians at the Gate, “We’re not just talking Fuck You money, we’re talking Fuck Everybody money!” – F. Ross Johnson

Another productive week

Wow.  I can’t believe that January is almost over.  The good thing is that work on the new database software for DataPro is going great – each day new features are being implemented as well as current features being upgraded for better functionality.

We have taken a lot of input from our dealers over the last year on some features as well as some functionality and I am happy to say that we are implementing almost all of them.  Some features were just not possible due to limitations of the dealers software that they are using and some other features were too specific to one dealer and would have had a negative impact on other dealers that use certain features differently.

Although we are still very much so still under development we have started to enter new data and import data from our existing database into the new system.  We are starting to beta test the data to a few dealers – we have been testing the data with imports into all the software programs in our office, but need to get some feedback from others.  Even though this data is “beta” it is ready for prime time use, the import process will take a little longer since the data fields will not be mapped to the defaults to your software program and you will need to manually map the fields when you perform an import.  All of the data currently part of the beta is Proposal Ready Data (PRD) – since we are still developing a new system for I/Os we will not be working with Engineering Ready Data (ERD) as part of the beta for now.  As we progress with the development we will start to beta the Engineering Ready Data.

If you are interested in being part of the data beta testing send an email to  Make sure to include all of your company information and contact information as well as which software you use and what version of that software you are using.

And if you have any suggestions send them to us as well.  Also what do you think about the logo for DataPro?

Help Wanted??

As part of the new startup that I am working on, I have begun the search for a software developer/designer .  The startup is a software company and will be creating web apps as well as iPad/tablet apps.  I would consider either one person that has mad skills or multiple people to fit the needs.  This is an equity based opportunity for the right person/people.

Due to the nature of the startup the details are not something that can be published online so any interested person will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to discussing any specific details.

Anyone interested that thinks that have the necessary skills contact me through one of the social sites listed on the right in the “About Me” section.

New Database for DataPro

It has been about a year since I decided that it was time to move our product data from D-Tools (we still use D-Tools every day to design projects, just no longer for data creation) and create our own database to use to create and maintain data for our data subscription service for k2. At the time we basically used the same structure for the data that D-Tools used and even though we have made a few different revisions to the database over the last year, I have decided that it is time for a major overhaul since the data subscription service is growing strong and adding more users each month. This not be just another “upgrade” but a completely new database that I will create from scratch to be specifically tailored to fit our business.

In the process the data subscription service (now branded as DataPro) is getting its own website ( that will become a “portal” of sorts to control all the interaction with our subscription clients.