Managing Your Reputation

It has been over a year since I last posted on my blog – no I am not going to give the same story that most people do making excuses and promissing more posts.  My intentions with this blog have changed since I first really started just as a journal.  While my thought & plan is to pass along info that either I come across that I feel is great content or something that I have created or my crazy thoughts.

I cam across this video from someone that I established a relationship with when he was in the A/V industry working for one of the audio manufacturers.  I have kept tabs on Chris and followed what he has been doing the last few years and recently wrote a book called The New Elevator Pitch.  Here is a video that he posted talking about the importance of managing your reputation – he has some very good points, and very much worth the three minutes…


Building Your Personal Brand – Now More Important?

There has been alot of hype in the last year about building your personal brand - but is this something new?

I have been a big proponent of your personal brand for the last 10 years – although I never referred to is as a personal brand (and neither did anyone else if I remember correctly).  Back then I referred to it as building and maintaining your reputation and staying consistant with your morals, ethics and values.  As I spoke to people that were working for others and complaining about the actions of their bosses, my statement was that the moment that your personal reputation was put at risk it was time to look for another job.  Looking back on this now, this was really about maintaining your personal brand.

In the world that we live in today people rarely stay with the same company for their entire career.  No longer is it good enough to focus on building the reputation of the company that you are working for – you need to focus on your reputation and brand.  No longer can you expect that your boss will “take care of you”, you must take care of yourself.

With social media and blogs (just like this one) everyone, yes EVERYONE, has the ability to build their own brand and it is easy – it just takes a little of your time.  So how do you build your personal brand?  Well for each person that is different, but there are many websites and books that will help you with that – one of my personal favorites is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It!