Your next job or promotion will probably come from what you do on the side…

Interesting video from Shane Mac ( with his thoughts about how important the things that you do outside of your normal 9-5 work environment. Do you agree with his thoughts? It might make you reconsider watching the latest American Idol…

What you do on the side will determine your next job or promotion. from Shane Mac on Vimeo.

Remembering the Space Shuttle Program

Remembering the Space Shuttle Program

It does not seem like it has been 30 years.  Hard to imagine not having a Space Shuttle!  Cool video that NASA created with lots of info on what all that the Shuttle Program has accomplished over those 30 years.

Happy Birthday Facebook!

I just read an article that today Facebook was turning 7 – it is simply amazing to me that a company that started in a dorm room (yes a Harvard dorm room!!) stumbled through a bunch of crazy shit and is not only still around seven years later, but the are worth over $70 billion!


To quote one of my favorite movies, Barbarians at the Gate, “We’re not just talking Fuck You money, we’re talking Fuck Everybody money!” – F. Ross Johnson

Help Wanted??

As part of the new startup that I am working on, I have begun the search for a software developer/designer .  The startup is a software company and will be creating web apps as well as iPad/tablet apps.  I would consider either one person that has mad skills or multiple people to fit the needs.  This is an equity based opportunity for the right person/people.

Due to the nature of the startup the details are not something that can be published online so any interested person will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to discussing any specific details.

Anyone interested that thinks that have the necessary skills contact me through one of the social sites listed on the right in the “About Me” section.

Hello World!

I decided that it was time that I setup a little place on the web to share some of my thoughts and also all the other things that I have going on right now.  Crazy thing is that when I went to WordPress to create a personal blog (that would be this) I found out that was available (thanks WordPress!) – so I now truly have my own little place on the web for my personal stuff.

Although this is not really a new experience for me since I have a blog for my company ( and also have a few websites for the company that I have developed as well as all the social networking stuff (Facebook & Twitter) for the company, this is the first time that I have even considered doing something that was not directly connected to a business venture.  Obviously alot of my life revolves around the business (now businesses – more about that later) so most of the discussion about what is going on with the different companies.

In starting up another company I also wanted to have a record of the entire process.  I want this record to detail all of what it took to get things going and all the things that went right and especially the things that went wrong.  Since some of those things I might not want to be part of the “official” company record and included on a company blog, I decided that this would be the perfect fit.

So the big question – “Will anyone really want to read this?”  Well actually that is not the reason that I am doing this.  I am really writing this as more of a personal journal, and if others see it OK, but not the intention.  I am someone who enjoys reading the details of what goes on “behind the scenes” for a business and especially startup businesses, but I hate the ones that are just used as marketing for the company and tend not to continue reading.  The ones that I really enjoy are the ones that just seem as if I got a peek into their personal journal.

So there you have it – my ramblings on why this was created.  It should definitely be a journey, hopefully one that is interesting and exciting.

- Dave Kirn