Your next job or promotion will probably come from what you do on the side…

Interesting video from Shane Mac ( with his thoughts about how important the things that you do outside of your normal 9-5 work environment. Do you agree with his thoughts? It might make you reconsider watching the latest American Idol…

What you do on the side will determine your next job or promotion. from Shane Mac on Vimeo.


  1. Piper Larson says:

    Agree! I love Shane’s point about the speed at which things happen online. Because of this alone, you can cut your learning curve tremendously. Most corporations move slowly. So, while your 9-5 job is still trying to figure out social media, blogging or whatever…you can take advantage of the speed of the online world by jumping in and learning the ropes in your off time. Then when your 9-5 is finally ready to move forward into these areas, your personal-time experience can then help position you as the authority.

    • davekirn says:

      Piper, thanks for the comment. It always amazes me when I hear people that are so passionate about an idea that they have for starting their own business, but then follow it up with, “but I can’t quit my job and I don’t have the time to get it started if I am still working my job”, but they are the same people that sit on the couch each night watching TV or drinking in a bar. Then again if you don’t have the drive to get off your ass and find the time to make things happen, I guess that you would most likely not succeed in your own business anyway…

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