Has Gary Vaynerchuk Completely Lost His Mind?

Has Gary Vaynerchuk Completely Lost His Mind?

So if you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you are not a wine person and have not payed any attention to the social media buzz over the last two years.  Gary is Director of Operations at his family owned wine business Wine Library and in 2006 started Wine Library TV – a daily video blog on wine.  Gary used the power of internet video to spread his infinite knowledge on wine in a common man’s language as well as leveraging social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Ustream to grow his personal brand.  Gary is also a best selling author with is first book Crush It! and his latest release The Thank You Economy (which I just received from Amazon and will post a review in a few days).

After two years on his 1000th show, Gary announced that he was retiring from Wine Library TV and would only be doing “special” shows a few times a year only if there was something special to offer.  WHAT??  So let me get this straight, you pour your heart and sole into your passion and become the leader in your industry as well as becoming the benchmark of every blogger no matter what industry they specialize in.

But I thought that wine was his “passion” and the thing that he lived and breathed every day and now his is abandoning his passion??  Doing something that you are passionate about is one of the fundamentials that Gary talks about in his books and also in any of the speaches that he gives.  I am not a wine guy, but to me the news was just shocking and I saw it as a huge dissapointment also wondering if the people that said that blogging is dead were actually correct – and I am just getting started with blogging, ARGH!!!

But have no fear Gary is simply ending another chapter in his book of life and starting a new chapter – DailyGrape.com.  Daily Grape is more like Wine Library TV version 2.0 – Gary is taking everything that he learned over his first 1000 episodes and launching a better video blog with heavy focus on mobile access and a customized user experience.  And for his loyal watchers have no fear, it is still the same Gary, just getting out of Wine Library and bringing new video blogs from his travels around the country.  His first episode has been posed so go check it out and have a Sniffy Sniff…


  1. Hi Dave,

    Nice article, very nice catchy title. First time on your blog, huge fan of Gary. I am sure that you will get a lot of traffic with that tweet! That was exactly what every blog-Guru is trying to teach… Strong article, catchy title that doesn’t bull*hit the audience (sometime bloggers try to get attention with a Catchy/bogus title). Great job Dave I will take your blog as an example on how to blog and drive traffic to it! Cheers!

    • davekirn says:

      Dominic thanks for the kind words!

      It took all of 30 seconds after I posted it to get a Tweet from Gary!

      • Joyce says:

        I also think it is great that he is out there to make money. There is nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen some sacoil media experts give off a vibe that it is less than savory to orient yourself to making profits and I find that hypocritical and not realistic either.

  2. Piper Larson says:

    Small world…I just mentioned Gary in a post I did today.

    I think it’s great that Gary has moved on to his next project. It’s so easy to be afraid to mess with something that’s not broken. But, to follow your passion – sometimes you have to make changes or move on. Once again – the man’s an inspiration. I look forward to following him in this new chapter.

    • Laura says:

      This guy is really srnpiniig. Thank you for putting it together. I really respect how comfortable Gary Vaynerchuk is with himself. By putting it the way he did, it shows an immediate benefit as well. That you will have more energy by not trying to be anything other than what you are.

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