Has Charlie Sheen Had A Negative Impact On Social Media?

I was on a phone call with a client today discussing the need for him to take his business online and that is was time to embrace the social web.  His first reaction was, “I am not going to act like a jackass like Charlie Sheen!  That social crap is not for me!”  I admit that at first I laughed and we briefly talked about the craziness and the “winning” that happened two weeks ago.  Then like a ton of bricks it hit me – did all of that insanity actually have a negative impact on social media?

OK, so I know that most might think that this actually brought social media into the spot light and exposed it to more people – especially if you are an investor in U-Stream!  And it did gain more exposure, even my non-computer using mother asked what U-Stream was all about, but I fear that some will see this as part of another reason to believe that social media is just for crazy celebrities wanting to brag about all the different ways that they waste their millions.  But then again, celebrities have been crazy for many years prior to social media and we all read about their antics in the newspaper, website, we hear the stories on the news and the gossip shows, so this is really nothing new.  And we also must not forget that Charlie Sheen also took to all the airways in a combo of TV and radio (he did live interviews on all the major morning TV shows).

If we remove the crazy rants and “winning” comments we have at the heart of the issue a guy who felt that he got screwed over by his employer and he was not going to simply lie down and accept it. He took to any means possible and got his message out to as many people that would listen. If we were put in that situation by an employer (or a restaurant or other business) would we not want to take similar actions and let all the people that will listen about the negative experience that we had? I think most people would say yes, and with social media today, things like this will get spread to a much larger group of friends.

There are people everyday complaining about bad service that they received from a restaurant or car wash or dry cleaners and they do it at the water cooler, by email, by phone and now by social media also. I think this is just another shift in society and should help put businesses on notice that they must actually care about their customer.

If the age old saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity” then in the long run this was a good thing.  After all Charlie Sheen got over 1 million Twitter followers in less than 24 hours, and still has over 3 million followers.  And he defiantly has figured out how to monetize his online brand, but I guess I am still of the opinion that this was a positive thing for social media since there was more media attention on Twitter and U-Stream.

What are your thoughts?


  1. sassipior says:

    Great article discussing a actual case with your client. I think there was some negative impact for the short term, but in the long term it brought Social Media into the spot light and exposed it to more people.

    • davekirn says:

      Thanks for the comment! I agree with your thought that is was both negative and positive. So many people just thought that social media was just Facebook, and now there was more exposure to things like Twitter and U-Stream.

      • Happy says:

        he’s all about “Winning.”No remorse for all his fgalrant sinning.He once showed such promise;With DNA from Adonis.Now his many detractors are grinning.

    • Arif says:

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  2. Piper Larson says:

    There will always be some negative with any medium. It’s important to remember a lot of good has come out of social media as well. So glad to hear you changed your client’s mind during the call.

  3. Taina says:

    Second comment! ;pI’m from the UK and i find him iaicsnatfng! There’s just something about him, his charisma, etc etc.We all know he’s ; bad to the Bone but we love him for it!He doesn’t take life too seriously, and despite getting into all types of scrapes, he’s still quite cool.Got to hand it to him, the Mans a LEGEND!

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