New Database for DataPro

It has been about a year since I decided that it was time to move our product data from D-Tools (we still use D-Tools every day to design projects, just no longer for data creation) and create our own database to use to create and maintain data for our data subscription service for k2. At the time we basically used the same structure for the data that D-Tools used and even though we have made a few different revisions to the database over the last year, I have decided that it is time for a major overhaul since the data subscription service is growing strong and adding more users each month. This not be just another “upgrade” but a completely new database that I will create from scratch to be specifically tailored to fit our business.

In the process the data subscription service (now branded as DataPro) is getting its own website ( that will become a “portal” of sorts to control all the interaction with our subscription clients.

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